Lillian’s Vineyard

In 2001, prior to planting my initial vineyard, Dr. Daniel Roberts, aka, Dr. Dirt was employed to analyze my volcanic soils and to design a 3.5-acre vineyard to complement the Howell Mountain terroir that was to be planted. Several weeks of analysis and research, including my climbing into the large soil test pits that were dug in order for me to have a better understanding why wines from this terroir could be so unique and special, resulted in a decision to plant rootstock 3309, with Bordeaux clone 337.

The feeling was that these combinations might soften the highly tannic wines produced in this appellation creating more balance without compromising the complexity and concentration of the grapes. The remaining 1.5 acres were planted in 2004 after years of attempting and finally receiving timber harvest, and erosion control permits from the appropriate state and county commissions. This vineyard was named to honor the memory of my mother, Lillian Cohen, who instilled the knowledge to work as hard as you can at whatever goals you may want to achieve, and then hope you're a little lucky.

The Knoll Vineyard

As a result of Dr. Roberts earlier soil analysis, a second 3-acre vineyard was planted as well in 2004 on a knoll resting 100 ft. above the farmhouse and initial plantings. Even though this vineyard is on the same property, the soils proved to be very different, being deeper and richer, enabling us to plant rootstock 112 with clone 4.

We feel this combination will deepen the potential of this already vigorous young vineyard and complement earlier vineyard development. Cover crops include rose clover, crimson clover, and Blando brome, which complement the vines already planted, and remain consistent with our belief in sustainable farming.