My Jack Russell terrier remains the central focus of the logo on my bottle. Tysie is 8 years old, born in New York and has finally mellowed out a little bit. Her responsibilities include letting us know when the grapes have achieved maximum ripeness at harvest by howling, clearing the vineyard of multiple varmints, including deer and rabbits, and running for any ball until you need shoulder surgery. Tysie is presently sheltered in the City, as there have been several coyotes seen on the property.

Sarah Gott | Consultant Winemaker

Sarah, a graduate of UC Davis, is one of the most accomplished winemakers in Napa Valley having served at Joseph Phelps and Quintessa Wineries as head of winemaking operations. She is responsible for making our first release, Howell at the Moon 2004 Cabernet Sauvignon.

Timothy Milos | Winemaker

Tim joined our team in May of 2006 and is the winemaker at Girard Winery. He was a Doctoral candidate in plant diseases at Cornell University, and a Masters candidate at UC Davis in Enology. He has become our winemaker in charge while Sarah attends to her family obligations (twin infants and a toddler). Sarah still remains as a consultant for Tim.

Pina Brothers Vineyard Management

The Pinas have a six-generation history of farming Napa Valley, and especially Howell Mountain. Davey Pina was involved in my development project in 2000, having done much of the due diligence on the property prior to purchase. Their farming management team is responsible for all farming activities in the vineyards from planting to harvest.

Marc Cohen | Proprietor

Marc received both BA and MD degrees from Temple University. He retired from medical practice after 27 years at NYU Medical School in 1999, receiving a BS in Management from NYU that May. Marc researched and finally found and purchased his ideal property in August 2000 on Howell Mountain. Marc has taken courses at Napa College in wine marketing and winemaking on a hillside vineyard. Marc is also a principal and wine program developer at Myth Restaurant in San Francisco.